Development Consulting

At AIT we address challenges found in different verticals of the IT domain. Our objective is to provide a suite of comprehensive IT services and solutions to organizations at minimized costs. We cater to the challenging and growing demands in the area of software application development for small, mid-size and big enterprises.

We custom build application development based on the requirements of our clients, as often the software needed is not found in the market. Whether it is about customization of certain platforms to full-cycle custom application development, our developers have the experience to build and deliver affordable, reliable and robust software solutions.

Software Consulting Services

Well, it must be a lot when you want to improve your business and keep landing many customers.

The rise to the top is not always a smooth ride. While you can focus on the core business needs, you will require help to manage the several technological barriers that hinder your growth. As a top software consulting company, we can help you in identifying and solving any such obstacles that stand between you and your business development.

We provide specialized software consultancy services that assist you on the path to digital transformation. We have the expertise, workforce, latest resources and the technical know-how to manage the technical challenges and provide you with a solution that delivers.

Development Outsourcing

If you want to get into a team of experts in software development with the latest resources available at affordable prices, you have come to the right place. AIT Consulting is one of the best software outsourcing services company India and have helped many companies create products that please their customers and increase their profits through our offshore software development.

As an experienced software development provider, we strive to build long-term partnerships with our customers to help them adapt to the latest technological developments and create the best software for their business.

Offshore Development

Are you tired of juggling around with multiple tech challenges that are stunting your growth?

Every company has its challenges that it needs to battle to progress in the industry. AIT customized software solutions are designed to combat those issues with the right technology and team to support the implementation. Our main aim is to create a software solution that gives comprehensive answers to all the challenges and guides the organization to navigate the transition. AIT software development company India holds the key to the transformation with a purpose to reach your goals.

Partner with us now and let’s show how well we can pull off your next project!

Agile Methodology

AGILE methodology is a practice that promotes continuous iteration of development and testing throughout the software development lifecycle of the project. In the Agile model, both development and testing activities are concurrent, unlike the Waterfall model.

The Agile software development methodology is one of the simplest and effective processes to turn a vision for a business need into software solutions. Agile is a term used to describe software development approaches that employ continual planning, learning, improvement, team collaboration, evolutionary development, and early delivery. It encourages flexible responses to change.

The agile software development is one of AIT’s core values.